Diaspora, a contemporary tragedy

Before the premiere in August at the Sommerwerft, antagon theatreAKTion and Ondadurto Teatro presented a working demonstration of the new co-production “DIASPORA” on 23 April on the cultural grounds of protagon e.V..
DIASPORA addresses the situation of migrants and refugees today, caused by neo-colonial structures of exploitation in the global south, for example, as well as the highly topical war in Ukraine.
As a modern interpretation of Euripides’ classic tragedy “The Trojan Women”, DIASPORA strives for a change of perspective – to look at world events and conflicts through the eyes of the people on the ground, from the perspective of women, refugees, the uninvolved and the innocent.
In expressive images, the play appeals to our individual and societal responsibility: not to close our eyes to war, exploitation, expulsion and crimes against our fellow human beings, but to be the subject of an end to these conditions.

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